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This page is an ongoing conversation about the development and usage of the Wilson tent during my residency at Bookwork Gardens in Sheboygan, WI. This page works as a journal with most recent entries at the top of the page scroll all the way to the bottom to start from the beginning.


I have been working developing the patterns to stretch over the wooden frame of the tent. With a plan to explore both rope attachments and snap attachments, as of today I have begun cutting and sewing up some of the walls and to be attached with ropes. I set grommets and did a test stretch on one of the walls.


5.20.2018 / The Wilson Tent

The Wilson tent is named after Edward O. Wilson an American biologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist and author. Known most for his work with insects, ants in particular and his theories social behavior developed from his research and exploration.

The intention of the "Wilson" tent is to serve as a studio/sharing space while in residence at Bookworm Gardens. A space to share exploration in my work as well as along side visitors to the garden, to discuss drawings and writings on what we are observing.

The intention of the tent is to house works in progress, a library of sketch books and supplies for ongoing research, the tent will transform as the season moves forward. Following the needs of the research and participants of the project.

Wilson tent sketch.jpg