Summer Workshops

Bookworm Gardens - Artist in Residence

This summer I'll be in residence working on a series of new prints and participatory projects supporting a collection of children's books exploring mindfulness. I will be in the garden documenting the changes to the plants and animals, and am looking for help to document the changes in the gardens throughout the season so please come join me.

When you can find me in the Garden.

July 5th-8th between 9am-5pm
July 10th-12th between 9am-5pm / I'll be part of the Little Botanists Camp.
August 13th-18th between 9am-5pm / I'll be leading a workshop with Mental Health America.
September 19th-22nd between 9am-5pm
October 13th during Children's book Festival

More info on their programs and the residency at

Plymouth Yoga - Photography Meditation Workshop Series

Join me in a conversation about bringing meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine. I will share the work that lead me to my 50over50atmos photo project, my observations and what have taken away from the project as a daily meditation. 

This will be a two session workshop series happening July 17th, 31st. During the first workshop along with the share of my work we will discuss the study of place and observation using photography, leading to participants leaving workshop one inspired to choose a subject to document and observe daily before the second workshop. During the second workshop participants will share their work and are encouraged to write a short statement about their experience to share with the group.

Workshop is $60 per/person and comes with a copy of the 50over50atmos book.
Contact me to sign-up.

50 over 50 atmos Cover.jpg

Pick up your copy!

I'm excited to announce that the first printing of the 50over50atmos photo book is in stock.

Follow the link below to purchase your copy now...