50/50 atmos

In late summer of 2015 I found myself relocating to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This move pulled me from the unglaciated Driftless region where I had grown up with a strong connection to the mystic rolling hills known by some as the Ocooch.

Settling a couple blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan, I quickly became absorbed with the energy of the lake. In the Driftless I had been working on a series of landscapes that explored access to unknown place. The work breaks landscapes down into a series of lines that roll over themselves creating depth, and access to unseen horizon. In this work I grew accustomed to having multiple lines from the horizon to consider, leaving me curious when it came to understanding the single horizon line waiting out across the lake.

I often use photography as a way to explore and collect my thoughts on subjects, so I began taking photos daily along the shore from a location near my apartment. Spending day after day along the shores, I began to find the familiarity that comes when you spend focused time with a place or idea. The potential for new ideas within such a constant horizon became apparent watching the first ice shelf build. Over a week-and-a-half long cold snap, slowly the mass materialized off shore, emerging from the steaming water. A thin layer thickening over three days, pushing and rounding itself into singing frozen discs. Soon it froze over completely into a whole new mass just off shore, growing thicker and longer as the waves crashed into it and pushed over the surface. While the consistency of the cold snap created a new mass off shore to explore, it also shared a work of unimagined potential.

This collection shares a portion of the daily photos I have taken over the past year and a half. Originally I intended to share my favorites, however choosing proved challenging. As it is, every day Lake Michigan presents a new perspective full of opportunity.

50over50atmos - Photo Book

A photographic meditation along the shore of Lake Michigan.

50over50atmos is a collection of images captured from the same location daily over a year, exploring the ever changing color and texture of Lake Michigan. Features seven images from each month of the year.

104 pages

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